Ep 14: Looking for More Love

This week’s show will explore how you relate to relating to others and what changes you can make, in order to bring more love to you! During the show we ask you to think about if you want more love in your life? If you do, we suggest you take an honest look at how you show up in life and in relationships when it comes to closeness and intimacy. Do you love with closeness or distance? Do you know what meaning you give to relationships and why they are important to you? Join Dr. Mary Oz today as she asks you to take a look at your conscious and unconscious meanings you assign to love, others and relationships. Dr. Mary will also walk you through an exercise where you will ask your inner voice and inner being to help you examine what changes will help you receive more love.

Keywords: Relating, Relationships, Intimacy, Closeness, Others, Difficulty in Relationships, More Love, Inner Voice, Inner Being, Finding More Love, Creating Mo

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