Ep 23: Understanding Narcissism, the Opposite of Love

Dr. Mary will start her new series on “Understanding Narcissism and How to Survive”. As a therapist and coach Dr. Mary has a unique understanding and perspective on how to survive having one or more Narcissist in your life. Join Dr. Mary as she discusses the insecurity and struggle a narcissist often feels setting them up for great difficulty in life, love and relationships! The opposite of Narcissism is Unconditional Love and even if you don’t have a Narcissist in your life you will benefit from this series, as it will contrast healthy love and unhealthy love as well as unhealthy relationships vs. healthy relationships. This information will be valuable for anyone dating, loving or knows someone dating and loving as it will clarify what a healthy loving relationship feels like, looks like and sounds like!

Keywords: Narcissism, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Unhealthy Love, Unhealthy Relationships, Lack of Empathy, Healthy Living, Unhealthy Living, Healthy Lov

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