Episode 15 Habits for a More Beautiful Healthier You Part 2 Acne

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This is part 2 on how to be your most beautiful now that you understand that Beauty is an Inside Job.

I start with the basics that are important for health and beauty. I start with a conversation of Leaky Gut. Leaky gut causes inflammation which causes chronic disease. I explain why it is so important to eat the rainbow and how health shows itself on our skin. Then I talk acne. We take a look at the pharmaceutical products that can be used short term but have long term toxicity. So do your own research and go back and have a conversation with your doctor.

I am a health coach and do private one on one coaching via ZOOM. I can walk you through all the things you need to implement to stay healthy and how to get through the minefield of food. You are what you eat, so do you want to be fast, cheap, easy and fake, or beautiful lush beautiful phytonutrients by eating the rainbow, and eating organic. My website is cherylmhealthmuse.com books at heavenlytreepress.com or Amazon


Keywords: beauty, skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne, telomeres, aging, you are what you eat, It feels good to feel good

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