Episode 16, How to Have a Healthy Liver- Part 1- How the Liver Works

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Our liver is the workhorse of our body. It performs over 500 functions, it cleanses the toxins out of our body, it controls cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure, it works with the pancreas to regulate blood sugar, it creates bile to go to our gall bladder so that we can take fat soluble vitamins and make them water soluble, and it helps maintain the health of all of our other organs. If the liver is diseased it impacts every other organ. Fatty liver disease is the #1 cause of heart disease, even more than smoking. And yet, we are not treating our livers with proper respect . This podcast explains what the liver does, why it is crucial that it function optimally in the body and what the diseases are that we need to look out for.

I am a health coach and work with clients to improve their health. I have had excellent results working with clients with fatty liver disease and we have been able to see significant results. Contact me at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com


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