Episode 19 Children Part 1 How to Raise Healthy Children in the 21st Century

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This is part I of 4 parts on children's health and how to raise healthy children. Since 54% of our children have chronic illness, this podcast is an overview on why we need to feed children differently so that they can be disease free and thrive. Sugar and processed foods, fast foods, frozen processed foods and processed restaurant foods are all contributing to the ill health of our children. A diet of synthetic chemicals and sugar is not giving our children a diet that supports their body growth or functions or their l brains. Children are little pitchers, so they will mimic what they see you, their parents do. We must cook and be vigilant with how we feed our kids so that they get strong building blocks for their bodies.  

If you need help implementing new eating habits, for your family, I am a health coach and I can share tips to make this easy..

I am running quarterly sugar and processed food detoxes. Contact me at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com for more information.


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