Episode 20- Children Part 2, Feed Your Children Organic Vegetables and Fruit

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This is part 2 of 4 parts on children's health. These podcasts are an overview on why we need to feed children differently as a nation so that they can be disease free and thrive. 

In this podcast I address the importance of feeding your children organic fruits and vegetables. Organic, so that they are not getting an unhealthy dose of "cides" (poison) with every bite.

Children are being born with significant toxic load. It is important for both parents to clean up their own lifestyle habits before conception so that the child is not born with as many as 287 toxins right from the umbilical cord.

Children are little pitchers. I discuss the importance of you, the parent, setting the example, and ways to enroll the child in what is healthy for them to eat.

I am a health coach who can help you sort out what to eat. contact me at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com.  

I am running quarterly sugar and processed food detoxes, to break your food addictions so ask when my next group will begin.


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