Episode 23, Living the GLAD not the SAD

1:12:05 | RHG TV Network |

This episode discusses how we ARE eating vs what we SHOULD be eating. We ARE eating the standard American diet or the SAD- it is loaded with hidden sugars and synthetic chemicals and it's making us sick and giving us little or no nutrition. If we continue to eat this way everyone will end up with standard American diseases- autoimmune diseases, cancer and heart disease and diabetes. We will all die the standard American death. Instead we need to eat the GLAD diet- the Green Lifestyle American Diet, which feeds our body phytonutrients that we need for our bodies to operate, and which will keep us well and avoid dementia. The SAD is why our health care system is broken, why 54 % of our children have chronic illnesses and why as a country we are 37th in the world in health.

If you are ready to break the addiction to the SAD, I am running sugar and processed food detoxes. You gain back food freedom to eat real food and control the fate of your health. https://bit.ly/cherylmsugar


Keywords: sugar, processed food, standard American diet, eat the rainbow, organic, cook, , Green Living Diet, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease

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