Episode 24- Sleep, Why We Sleep, Why Its Important

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This is my first of 2 podcasts on Sleep. Why We Sleep/ Why its important to get 7 continuous hours of sleep.

Sleep is one of the key pillars for health.  

1. 7-8 hours of sleep a night is critical to long term health
2. Sleep is the #1 health problem in the United States, affecting 100 million people  
3. Sleeping recharges your immune system
4. Important body functions take place while you are asleep
5. Eating clean, with lots of yummy vegetables in every color of the rainbow, is just as important to sleep as it is to everything else happening in your body. It also creates an alkaline environment for a calm tummy which encourages sleep. It is crucial to your life.
6. Sleep is especially important to maintain cognizance

Learn why its important to get 7 continuous hours of sleep.  

In part 2 next week, I will share all of my tips to ensure that you do get a great nights sleep.

I am a health coach. How can I help you futureproof YOUR health? cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com


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