Episode 25 Tell Me Your Story Dan Young

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I am proud to bring this inspiring conversation with Dan Young, BCTN, CNC to you. This conversation is an introduction to Naturopathic medicine, how it differs from Allopathic medicine and what the advantages are for your health. Dan is a second generation, Traditional Naturopath. Dan has accumulated over 29,000 practice hours of hands-on experience with helping people with all types of chronic illness regain and experience superior health. Dan also manufactures very high-quality supplements, Country Doctor Herbals, INC. Dan also offers a premiere Mentorship Component to help train other practitioners. I loved his book, and he enhanced my understanding of how the body works. I loved his explanation on how the digestive system works and why every organ is integral to health. Enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

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Keywords: Naturopath, allopathic, health, holistic health, digestion, alternative medicine

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