Episode 30, Tell Me Your Story- James and Mason Richard- BIZI with Chrones

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Bizi Vitamin Honey was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2020 by James Richard and Ethan Akdamar. The idea for a vitamin infused honey had come from James' brother who was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2016. With Crohn's inhibiting Mason's diet he had to turn to vitamin supplements. Many of the supplements had unnecessary ingredients which did more harm than good. To relieve Mason's symptoms of Crohn's, he went on a specific carbohydrate diet. During this diet he had no sweeteners except for honey. James and Ethan infused the pure vitamin with the honey to make it easier for Mason to get the nutrients that he needed. 

At Bizi our Vitamin Honey is made with 100% raw USA honey. They infuse 100% raw USA honey with the select USP grade certified vitamins. They currently have Vitamin Honey sticks and Jars with e a vitamin B complex, a vitamin C blend or a vitamin D3 blend. 

Instagram @go.bizi 

Website www.Gobizi.co

Facebook: @vitaminhoneyco

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