Episode 37- How To Build Great Health in 2022 part 4

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This is the final episode about all the things that you control that will help you have great health in 2022. Make your own list, and start to implement these things into your lifestyle. This podcast discusses
34. Cleaning products and toxicity

35. Personal care products and toxicity

36. Toxin awareness

37. Coffee

38. Mindfulness/Meditation

39. Religion/ Spirituality

40. Gratitude and victory journal

41. Sensitivity test

42. Hobby/ Join a Group

43. Laughter and Joy

44. Additional thoughts

45. Supplementation

46. Most searched words on Google end of 2021

47. How to heal, 

48. History of what is killing us

49. We are what we eat, we are what our bacteria eat,  

I say next podcast will be on the gut. I shifted. Coming up a 5 part series on depression  

You are the master of your body. Start to adopt these healthy habits today. The decisions you make today will determine your health for tomorrow.

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