Episode 39 Depression Part 2- Food and Mood

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Depression This is part 2 of the 4 part series. In this part, I discuss how food directly influences mood.

You have heard the saying, You Are What You Eat. Well, in reality, new findings are that you are what your gut microbes eat.

If you are feeding the good gut microbes you are sending a signal right up your vagus nerve to y our brain that promotes balance and happiness.

If you are not feeding your good gut bacteria all the wonderful phytonutrients from eating the rainbow from a farm as close to you as possible so that you are getting the maximum nutrition from the fresh whole foods you are eating, then the angry, nasty bacteria rule your gut and rule your brain.

The SAD and CRAP (Standard American Diet and Carbonated Refined Artificial Processed) foods in the American diet reaks havic on our mood.

I run a quarterly class on how to break the addiction of fast and processed food so that your moods get the right signal. Get on my mailing list at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com.


Keywords: food, mood, gut, rainbow, phytonutrients, depression, happiness, vagus nerve, it feels good to feel good

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