Episode 44 Tell Me Your Story Kali Rodriguez

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Kali's story will touch your heart and inspire you. As a health coach Kali grew up with healthy habits. She married a Marine. Her husband returned from Iraq with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. A bomb had exploded right under his vehicle.
With Kali's love and attention on her husband, own health began to deteriorate. 
Kali and her husband manifested the help that he needed twice as she returned to the basic pillars of health that she knew to heal herself.
Kali's story touches on many subjects. Take back your power. Talking to your body. Making changes to support your health. Depression. Our wounded soldiers. Mindset. Love.
Kali now helps women with a passion for healing, health & wellness to heal from their past, discover their perfection, and unleash their potential so that they can live their ideal life and impact the world.  
Kali nurtures and inspires her community through her Facebook group, Kali's Angels.  

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