Episode 55 Tell Me Your Story Cynthia Murphy

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Cynthia Murphy has overcome mountains. Born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a genetic birth defect that affects the bone, muscles and soft tissues of her face and skull, she was bullied through her childhood. She had a father who abused her and lived in a car as a child. She has had 16+ reconstructive plastic surgeries. She went to jail in grade school. She met her husband Thane, her soul mate, a disabled Marine with brain damage. Together they decided that they were going to design their own life, cleaned up their food and their lifestyle habits, and started getting educated. Cynthia now has multiple degrees and is working on her PhD. Thane has become a master chef of vegan food. Together they have created a business, Assauged, that is impacting other young people and have had over 500 interns work for their business. They are touching lives to change the health of our country. Cynthia is a fashion model for the Kiss The Monkeys celebrity organization. www.assuaged.com/


Keywords: treacher collins, disability, modeling, health, bullying, PhD, Assauged, Kiss the Monkeys

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