ESP - Easy Sales Process with Connie Whitman

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Join us a Rebecca talks with author and leader, Connie Whitman! They'll discuss her book, ESP (Easy Sales Process. It is not your typical "How To" sales training book. Sure - it includes a process, steps if you will, and plenty of opportunities to apply the concepts, but the fundamental notion is that the Easy Sales Process includes these: respect, integrity and love. If someone were helping your parents or grandparents, how would you like that salesperson to sell to them? Yes, with love, respect and integrity! Connie Whitman shares her award-winning signature 7-Step Sales Process that has helped ambitious business leaders and sales teams build powerhouse organizations to achieve wildly outrageous goals. 

As always, you can find our host, Rebecca Hall Gruyter at the or at Connie can be found at Get the book at

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