EZ TALK LIVE Brutal Rap Battle

2016 | 13:49 | eZWay Entrepretainment |

Music video featured performance by the very sexy Abbey Scott.

Guests included: Producer Podcast Brother, Writer David Eugene Andrews, Artist Abbey Scott, owner of Roscoes Chicken N' Waffles Herb Hudson, Owner of Roscoes TV Larry Witherspoon, Reatha Grey, Tina of Tina Speaks and many other guess.

Watch the brutal freestyle rap battle be Lifetimes Betty White co-star Reatha Grey and co-host TKO. A veteran rapper gets schooled by a actor... FUNNY STUFF!

Show was co-hosted by TKO and Taylor Mills

Keywords: VoiceAmerica.tv, eZWay TV, Eric Zuley, Abbey Scott, rap, music

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