Failure Through Success Stories with Dr. Julie Ducharme

2019 | 53:41 | RHG TV Network |

Welcome back! Our amazing guest this week is Dr. Julie Ducharme---professor, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Dr. Julie shares with us her journey as a rising star from professional Volley Ball Player, to doctoral college professor to owner of many successful businesses. How did she do it? One powerful tool in her toolbox was not following the perception of many who said she couldn't achieve success, nor she should she even try. She didn't listen and became a success in spite of this advice. Dr. Julie will share with us her secrets and her processes of things that went well eventually, and many things that simply followed a different path. Tune in to listen to amazing stories answering the question: Have you ever been given advice you didn't listen to? Failure to success stories are all around us; come find out what makes Dr. Julie so amazing! We look forward welcoming her as our guest.

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