Finding your Extraterrestrial Frequency

2017 | 52:46 | Business |

Join host Jeff Spenard on the eve of the Full Solar Eclipse as he is joined by Kevin Gassman and Alejandro Rojas to discuss the possibility of UFO's, other planets and most importantly are they listening to Internet Talk Radio as the binary source of their intelligence gathering of our planet? RSS, XML, UFO, HTML, MP4, RFID, R2D2 and other new acronymical, philosophical, religious and conspiratorial technologies will be discussed as Jeff and Jon help you FIND YOUR EXTRATERRESTRIAL FREQUENCY on the only FREE SPEECH network being monitored from beyond our Galaxy!

Keywords: Jeff Spenard, VoiceAmerica.tv, Jon Missall, Kevin Gassman, Alejandro Rojas, Heidi Gadd, UFO, extraterrestrials

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