Get to Know Your Farmers Market

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Get to know your farmers market(s). Its important, whenever possible, to know the farmers that are growing your food and the methods that they are using to grow their crops. The advantage of going to farmers markets are many, you can get to know your farmer, you can find lots of wonderful amazing foods that are not easily available from big box grocers because they are made in small batches, you can find like minded people who are shopping with health in mind. Different farmers markets have different products available, so if you are lucky to have several in your area, check them all out. I don't eat synthetic chemicals. I have found wonderful products that are homemade, like a homemade V-8 juice made from home grown organic tomatoes, or marvelous organic breads. You can also find real local honey, which isn't cut with corn syrup and helpful for hay fever. We also buy our pastured meats from our markets. As a foodie who eats clean, farmers markets are loaded with treasures.

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