Healing the Soul by analyzing Vocal Frequencies with Ani Williams

31:03 | RHG TV Network |

Aeriol has a lively conversation with her Voice Analysis teacher and mentor Ani Williams. Ani is an Author, Musician and Voice Analysis Practitioner as well as being the owner and founder of Songaia Sound Productions for 30+ years. This interview was recorded shortly after Aeriol took a weeklong training with Ani in Sedona Arizona. Aeriol's enthusiasm about the benefits and application of the Songaia Sound Medicine is hard to contain in this fun interview. Be sure to listen to the end for one of Ani's remarkable sound healing tracks.
Discover more of Ani's work: https://aniwilliams.com

Reach out to host Aeriol Ascher: www.AeriolAscher.com

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Keywords: sound healing, soul, emotional health, mental health, astrology, self healing, music, vocal toning

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