How Death Saved My Life

37:56 | RHG TV Network |

Today's inspiring conversation is with my guest, Karen Chaston.

I find her story so compelling because many of us lose someone significant in our lives and we grieve deeply and struggle with how to get on with life in a different and meaningful way.

Karen shares her story about finding more than one gift from the loss of her son and how she unwrapped them with love to help her move forward. The lessons she will share will inspire you, as they have inspired me. I invite you to watch it.

And, if even a tidbit of this episode resonates, please take a quick moment to rate your experience using the stars below the video. This will help us to share it with more women who need to know they are not alone.


Keywords: Loss, Grief, Gift from Loss, Live Love By Design, From Upside Down to Right Side Up, Tips for the Transition

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