How to Build Great Health in 2022

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Over the two years I have being doing this show, I have done in depth dives on several areas of health.  

Since health a process, I have continued to grow and to learn, discovering puzzle pieces for my own health.  

We have so much power over our health. Some of the things we need to implement are HUGE, like changing our diet, and some are little tweaks to our lives that would also make a difference to our future health.

There are 4 podcasts In this series. Since health is a continual journey, some of the new things I share will surprise you, as they did me.

Today, I list the areas I will cover and then discuss the first 3. Each of these are things you can do. In the next 4 shows, I cover all 45+.

Start somewhere. Each change is one step closer to health. Continue to search and grow. Be your own advocate. Own your own health. Never stop looking for answers.

Today we begin with the importance of community, of owning a pet, and the #1 killer today, which is Heart Disease.

Keywords: Health, community, pets, it feels good to feel good

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