How to Create Great Health in 2022 Part 2

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Since health a process, I have continued to grow and to learn, discovering puzzle pieces for my own health.  

We have so much power over our health. Some of the things we need to implement are HUGE, like changing our diet, and some are little tweaks to our lives that would also make a difference to our future health.

This is part 2

4. Learn how to have optimal liver health. And unhealthy liver is the #1 cause of heart disease.

5. Eating real food

6. Eat the veggie and fruit with the fiber

7. Sit Down to Eat Meals with Family and Friends

8. Maintain a healthy weight.

9. Eliminate real and fake sugar as much as possible

10. Read Labels- Food and other products If you can't pronounce it pass

11. Protein source

12. Avoid GMO oils Omega 6 vs omega 3

13. Dirty Dozen/ Clean 15

14. Avoid GMO

15. Invest in smaller plates

16. Stop eating 1at 80% full

17. Eat more beans and pulses

Make a plan to start step by step to incorporate all these things into your lifestyle.

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