How to Create Great Health in 2022 Part 3

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Since health a process, I have continued to grow and to learn, discovering puzzle pieces for my own health.  

We have so much power over our health. Some of the things we need to implement are HUGE, like changing our diet, and some are little tweaks to our lives that would also make a difference to our future health.

There are 4 podcasts In this series. Since health is a continual journey, some of the new things I share will surprise you, as they did me.
18. Prebiotics and probiotics

19. Your gut and how important it is

20. Hydrate with H2O

21. Gluten

22. Smoking /vaping

23. Exercise

24. Get Out Daily

25. Posture

26. Stress

27. ANTs

28. Gratitude

29. Know and nurture your purpose

30. Downshifting

31. Enjoy wine at 5

32. Sleep

33. Electric Air purifier

34. Cleaning products and toxicity

35. Personal care products and toxicity

Start adopting these ideas one at a time. Each step is a step closer to health. Join me again for Part 4.

Keywords: Stress, anxiety, gratitude, purpose, sleep, downshifting, toxins in cleaning and personal care products, it feels good to feel good

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