How to Eat to Maintain Good VIbrations

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This is Part II on Chakras, and how color is energy and that when our chakras and our aura are out of balance, we can actually eat that color to gain its vibration and heal that energy vortex in our bodies.

I start with each chakra, its influence in the body and what to do to maintain its balance and what to do to bring it back into balance,

Having free flowing energy in the body will enhance well being and your health.

All color is energy and that energy is similar whether or not it is in our bodies, nature, our food, all aspects of our world. Symptoms begin to arise when we are "out of balance' and if we don't adjust and change, those symptoms become disease.

This is another layer of well being that will help you live your best possible, healthiest life. Health is food, movement, sleep, releasing stress, balance and more.

I am a health coach. I work with people one on one to find balance. Your first consultation is free.

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