How to NOT FEAR Financial Planning!

2018 | 23:53 | RHG TV Network |

Don't believe them when they say you have to be rich or be afraid to use a financial planner.

Join us as our expert Gisela Menjivar helps us understand why we shouldn't be afraid of using a financial planner.

One of the most noticeable problems we see in our communities is the lack of financial literacy. We need to be able to provide more education that can help families make correct decisions about their financial well-being. We all need to consider the instability when there is no family protection, emergency fund, or retirement planning.

Most of us visit a tax preparer, the mechanic and a doctor every year. It is time to also include a financial planner as a yearly visit. This can make a great difference on how we handle our money growth and prepare ourselves for our older years.

It starts by teaching people some basic financial common sense.

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