How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from Covid-19 Encore Presentation

1:01:59 | RHG TV Network |

An Encore Presentation. Since we are now entering phase 4 of the pandemic, I wanted to update everyone on the research I have done that will help you stay healthy.Who is actually vulnerable? Why are these people vulnerable? Why should you wear a mask? How can you eat to boost your immune system? What supplements does the Functional Medical community recommend that you take to fortify your immunity? What cleaning supplies should you be using to protect yourself and what cleaning supplies are toxic? Everything that I have discovered to keep you safe until this pandemic has passed.

I am a health coach and do private coaching via ZOOM. I can help your reach your health goals to stay healthy and what foods you should eat. You are what you eat, so do you want to be fast, cheap, easy and fake, or lush beautiful phytonutrients by eating the rainbow, and eating organic. My website is books at or Amazon

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