“How to Walk Away from an Unhealthy Relationship”

2016 | 28:26 | Transformation Success TV |

On this episode of The Total Woman Show, Dr. Young and her co-hosts will share some insightful comments for viewers on learning how to get past or out of unhealthy relationships. You get a strong indication whether you are in a self-defeating relationship by asking a few simple questions? Is this person adding value to my life? Are you always sucking up to that somebody else’s expectations of you are? Are you in a relationship that is full of all sorts of headaches hurt, setbacks and danger? Watch this video and be encouraged, be empowered and be transformed.

Keywords: Dr. Barbara Young, Coach Allison, Jodi Tucker, Fatima Elswify, Kathleen Ronald, Transformation, Success, Unhealthy, Relationships, Learn, Encouraged, Empowered

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