“Is it Possible to Forgive Wrong Done to You?”

2016 | 24:05 | Transformation Success TV |

On today’s episode of the The Total Woman Show, Dr. Young and her co-hosts will be sharing some helpful and important information on how to forgive. Is it possible to forgive wrong done to you? Is forgiveness a selfish act, a way to make ourselves feel better? Why are so many people in the world hurting today because of un-forgiveness? Can anger, hatred, resentment and the desire for revenge be directed toward positive actions for success? Learn a few helpful steps to that YOU have the choice and the willingness and the courage to forgive, that offers you the greatest gift you can give not only to others, but to yourselves.

Keywords: Dr. Barbara Young, Patti Cotton, Jodi Tucker, Coach Allison, Kathleen Ronald, Transformation, Success, Winning, Promotion, Strategies.

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