Jill Lebofsky: The Midlife Mojo Coach, Great sex. Empty nesting. Staying active and fit

2018 | 1:07:24 | RHG TV Network |

Join Catherine M Laub, Host of The Celestial Spoon as she interviews Jill Lebofsky, Known as the Midlife Mojo Coach, Jill Lebofsky creates a safe space for women in their 40's, 50's and 60's to learn and share and then hits the hot topics helping them to survive and thrive during their middle ages. Jill's easily digestible, fun delivery and interactive approach to learning has helped over 2,000 midlife women in her career gain control over their physical, emotional, sexual, hormonal, spiritual and financial wellbeing. Jill has been a women's wellness coach for 15 years and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, "No Sweat! It's Just Menopause: Eating, Exercise and Essential Oils for A Healthy Change.



Keywords: Catherine Laub, The Celestial Spoon, Jill Lebofsky, Mental Health, Inspiration, Stress Resolution, Midlife Mojo Coach

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