Jim 'Bubba' Bay: A Near Death Experience, Miracle on Hammertown Road

2018 | 1:25:29 | RHG TV Network |

Catherine Laub interviews Jim 'Bubba' Bay about his Near Death Experience and His Passion for Life.

The night of November 15, 2009 is one that Jim "Bubba" Bay will never forget. Walking on a dark road in Pine Plains, New York, he stepped backward out of the path of an oncoming truck – and plummeted 14 feet down a rocky gully, breaking 23 bones in his body, including 11 ribs, 10 vertebrae, his skull and his left scapula. What happened next changed his life forever, and many of the readers who have read about Jim Bay's story – as described in his book, "Miracle on Hammertown Road" say that their lives have been changed, too.

"Bubba" Bay has been a lifelong resident of upstate New York. He is an author, inspirational speaker, Landscaper. He also has worked for many years at his family's gas station. He has 5 children, Logan and Lauryn and Jon, and sons Robert and James Ulysses in Heaven. Bubba's favorite activity, besides spending time with his family, is metal-detecting.

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