Karl Young, Founder, Hermetic Botanicals

2018 | 48:26 | Business |

oin Jeff and Ryan and their guest Karl Young, Founder of Hermetic Botanicals LLC in Portland, Oregon and Co-Founder and Lead Chemical engieneer for Forge Biosciences LLC, a Hemp Research and Development company. After a recovering from an enlightening near death experience on a 440v powerline, Karl Young started Hermetic Botanicals LLC to make the same amazing products that helped to him heal, available to the public. HB is a cutting edge Nutraceutical & Hemp BioTech startup offering the first line of Nutraceutical products utilizing the buccal system to deliver hemp and nootropic compounds effectively. They also innovated an INCREDIBLE product that can be useful with both cannabis and alcohol over indulgence (the Panic Button). They’re becoming known as one of the premier Marijuana and Hemp Research teams and are currently working with the group at Forge BioSciences on some cutting edge tech developments.

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