Kevin Gorey - There is No Miracle Cure for Heart Disease, the Cure is You.

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Kevin Gorey had two successful heart bypass surgeries in his early 40's.   

Heart disease is the number one killer of humans. Yes, more than cancer or car accidents and way more than bullets. In fact during 2017 over 800,000 Americans died of cardiovascular disease, which is the umbrella term that includes heart disease, stroke and heart failure. 

Heart disease will kill one of three of us.

Kevin had never taken anything so seriously in his entire life, and yet so many people either don't understand the real threat that heart disease poses or are simply in denial that their lifestyle choices play a significant part in the cause and effect of their health and wellness.

Kevin's story is about becoming proactive with his health and making changes to bring him back to a healthy happy life. Now he has his own podcast to share a message of hope. There is not miracle cure for heart disease. The cure is you.
You can find him on facebook and instagram.

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