Larry DeWitt- Its All About Endurance

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Larry DeWitt grew up in a dysfunctional family. Was Juvenile delinquent, HS drop out, periodically homeless. Returned to school, ran cross country, graduated an honor roll student.

Joined army, went to Germany, joined track team. Stayed 15 years, running led to cycling. Earned 3 degrees BS Information Systems, BA Exercise Physiology, MS Computer Science. Married and had a son.

Moved to Colorado, began mountain bike racing. Switched to Vegan diet-started winning races in top 10.

Won and set overall course record for LeadMan competition at 51/Completing the Tour Divide at age 60/Coaching a HS Mountain Bike Team -2 years in a row Colorado Southern Conference Champions. "Coach of the year"

One day, in a race, Larry hit a deer and broke his back. The doctors were unsure Larry would ride again.

In one week, he was back on his bike; resilient from his healthy diet.

He rides to win bikes for kids who can't afford them.

Support his kids:

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