Life Struggles, Empathy & Change

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Whether a teenager or an adult, for many of us, life can be filled with struggles. We can fall victim to our trials or we can deepen our empathy and take action to create change ~ for those experiencing similar challenges and ~ for ourselves.

Our intriguing guest, Leigh Bursey has experienced some of the harshest trials.

He was a homeless youth, survivor of addictions and cyclical poverty and a multiple-time suicide attempt survivor. 

Yet, all of his experiences have contributed to his positive influence and impact, which is ignited from his deep empathy gained from his painful experiences.

Leigh is now a municipal politician, singer-songwriter & recording artist. He is a published author, rock music journalist and a television talk show host of "Critical Thinking for Ten Seasons."

He is a living example of The Phoenix Rising From The Ashes!

This is the first episode of a two-part interview with Leigh. He candidly talks about his life experiences and thoughtful perspectives.


Keywords: Teenager, Empathy, Homeless, Leigh Bursey. Dr. Kimberly Schehrer, Addictions, Suicide

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