Live out Your Purpose in Freedom and Love

2019 | 54:43 | Womens Empowerment Series |

Join us as Rebecca Hall Gruyter ( &, Adrian Jefferson Chofar (Aspire2Inspire), Olivia Parr-Rud (LOVE@WORK), and Holly Pasut (Freedom Speaker) talk about the path to living your best life. You might find yourself surprised at the twists and turns of where that path will take you – for one of our guests, it even meant prison. But through it all, our guests have found freedom, love, and inspiration that will help YOU to live out YOUR purpose!

Keywords: Women, Empowerment, VoiceAmerica, VoiceAmWomen, RHGTVNetwork, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Olivia Parr-Rud, Adrian Jefferson Chofar, Holly Pasut, freedom

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