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I recap what has been happening with Glyphosate and the lawsuits against Monsanto/Bayer and how much money Bayer just agreed to pay in settlements to people who have gotten cancer. San Diego has now banned the herbicide from being sprayed in the county. It is still being used elsewhere. I also discuss the dirty dozen veggies and GMO's and why those fruits/veggies must be on your organic purchasing list. I discuss the new research on the multi-generational harm of these chemicals
. Finally I discuss processed foods and fast foods that you should avoid putting into your body so that you and your families can live long and thrive.

I am a health coach if you need help getting through the mine field of food,I would love to work with you. I can inspire you to clean up, encourage you to set your own goals and then hold you accountable to reach them. It does Feel Good to Feel Good. My books also go into this in depth.

Keywords: wellness, health, cancer, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, children, chronic illness, longevity

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