Lois Hermann author Chronicles of Hope Book 2

54:46 | RHG TV Network |

As a leading board-certified hypnotist, Lois Hermann turned a normal hypnosis session into a surprising conversations with wise beings called the Collective, an ancient God, a beloved prophet, a little-known Goddess, a misunderstood Archangel, the Spirit of the Universe, and the Spirit of the Earth, our Mother Gaia. 

Whatever your beliefs, these spiritual beings are concerned that humanity will soon be its own undoing. However, if we listen, they are ever-willing to assist us in saving this precious planet and the life that lives in, on, and around her.

This is a fascinating interview filled with hope, higher energy and love that will challenge your imagination and your knowledge of our universe as we know it.


Keywords: God, Afterlife, Universe, Chronicles of Hope

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