Looking At Your Budget To Afford Quality Food

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How can you afford to buy organic?

Frankly, you can't afford not to buy organic. You do NOT need an unhealthy dose of toxins with every bite. You can either pay now, or pay later with the disease and illness that you get eating chemicals.

Look at your budget. Where are you spending your food money now. Find ways to save. I talk about how to save money from different shopping habits and reallocation of funds.

The Dirty Dozen/ clean 15. Start with buying the dirty dozen fruits and veggies organic. You can't wash the toxins off, they are grown right up into the plant.

Buy in season. Abundance means lower prices. Shop at farmers markets and get to know your farmer. And there are pick your own farms.

Buy in bulk, you don't need all the packaging, and many more ideas to save on healthy food.

I am a health coach. Hire me to help you find ways to eat healthier food. I have multiple ideas to make this work. Write to me at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com to set up your first appt.


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