Lung Health and Wildfire Smoke Encore Presentation Episode Description With climate change and the the fires that are burning

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With climate change and the the fires that are burning up the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle, and the new norm of increasing wildfires, I live in Los Angeles and the air here has gotten thick with smoke. The smoke has reached friends on the East Coast and I just read that the smoke has reached the EU.

Our lungs are crucial organs, so I wanted to share how to protect our lungs at all times, but especially when toxic smoke is in our air. When toxic smoke is in our outdoor air is also is in our indoor air which is more polluted that the air coming in.

People in my community are complaining about headaches, asthma and other ailments directly related to our toxic air.

These are tips that are good for all in our everyday life, but especially important now. These are lifestyle changes that all of us can adopt now.

Its always important to protect our lungs. Now Covid-19 is targeting our lung health, so these tips are even more important so that we maintain our health.

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