Melinda Kelly: Asking the Questions for a Better Life

2019 | 55:57 | RHG TV Network |

Join Catherine M Laub, Host of The Celestial Spoon as she speaks with Melinda J. Kelly, who thought that she would glide through her professional life into retirement at her privately held publishing and business counseling firm. Then life stepped in and made her question all the plans she had allowed to become hers. As she started looking at what she wanted she followed the traditional paths of wisdom and went for help from others. Sometimes it was great, but sometimes it wasn't. How were other people getting all the secrets of life and she was going home feeling still empty? It was the start of those questions that opened up a lot of thinking, questions, and even a new adventure ahead. We will be discussing Melinda's book, Finding Your Coach, Diving Deep Within, and inspiring you to dive deep to find your coach.

Keywords: Catherine Laub, The Celestial Spoon, Melinda J. Kelly, Finding Your Coach: Diving Deep Within, Mental Health, Inspiration, Stress Resolution

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