Mental Health Advocate Pt.1

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"Energy" is a Certified, Accredited Life Coach, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS-I), Holistic Mentor, Animal Activist and a Mental Health Advocate with a Bachelor in Commerce from Canada's Capital University and a Diploma in Professional Counselling.

Energy was born and raised in Dubai, UAE, but his fascination with psychology and the human mind has driven him to travel soul-searching extensively to 6 countries and 15 cities before the age of 18 to learn about all spectrums of life, but home to Energy is Nature where he enjoys spending as much time as he can.

Because of his experience and in-depth knowledge, today, Energy is committed to giving back and helping people become their greatest version. He now advocates for Mental Health and is a voice for many who suffer. Energy's primary mission is to inspire people to HEAL.


Keywords: mental health, mental health awareness, recovery

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