My Anchor in All the Storms

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I'm convinced it is just the right time to reprise this episode with my friend, colleague, and mentor, Carey Conley.

Just when we're starting to think about what comes after the pandemic is over, we may need some inspiration for how to move beyond adversity and follow your dreams. 

Carey has been through more of life's upside-down moments than anyone should have to bear. Her perspective on life, bouncing back, and pursuing purpose will inspire you.

Her story will tug at your heart, and her courage will make you sit up and take notice.

And the wisdom Carey shares will help you find your anchor. I invite you to eavesdrop on our conversation called "My Anchor In All The Storms."

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Keywords: Vision, Purpose, Resilience, Grief, Loss, Upside Down to Right Side Up, Tips for the Transition

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