Ordinarily Extraordinary with Patrick Long

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Join us as Rebecca talks with author, Patrick P. Long. They'll discuss his book, Ordinarily Extraordinary: Love and Anger, Life and Death, Hope and Inspiration! When Patrick Long's wife, Melanie, suffers a terrifying stroke at the age of 45, a medical battle ensues that threatens to devastate their already cancer-altered lives. As Patrick strives to maintain normal routines for their four young children, he struggles through confrontations with doctors and a host of other setbacks. The book is a captivating true story interspersed with humor and wondrous revelations of the human experience. This fascinatingly rare and unique perspective of a surviving husband and father is a beautifully uplifting story of love and anger, life and death, and hope and inspiration. 

As always, you can find our host, Rebecca Hall Gruyter at the www.RHGTVnetwork.com or at www.yourpurposedrivenpractice.com. Get it online at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1735105503/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_h.tZFbXTCAB94

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