Outrageous Achievement with Author Leslie Zann

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Join us as Rebecca Hall Gruyter talks with author Leslie Zann about her book: Outrageous Achievement: Tapping Into Your Limitless Potential To Create The Life You've Always Wanted. In it she asks, Why doesn't everyone accomplish their goals? Or go after their dreams? What holds some people back? Why are they stuck and unable to take the necessary action? Nine out of 10 times, the answer is fear. Outrageous Achievement is the secret to finding and tapping into your limitless potential. It is filled with stories of triumph and engaging exercises designed to inspire you to create your own blueprint for success. The techniques Leslie Zann shares with you have worked for thousands who've taken her live seminars and online courses. 

As always, you can find our host, Rebecca Hall Gruyter at the www.RHGTVnetwork.com or at www.yourpurposedrivenpractice.com. Find Leslie at http://www.lesliezann.com Get the book at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08X3SZKFV.

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