Patricia Fuqua: Second Time Around: How to Date Your Right Man Blueprint

2018 | 59:12 | RHG TV Network |

Listen as Catherine Laub interviews Patricia Fuqua, a relationship expert specializing in the second time around. She has the proven love formula to take women from 1st date to soulmate. Since 2008 she's supported over 500 women to meet and attract their right man with the principles she describes in her best seller "Second Time Around: How to Date Your Right Man Blueprint". If you've been wondering where all the good men are, talk to Patricia she can help you meet your right man ASAP.
Patricia shares the lasting love secrets that she practices daily with her soul mate-husband of 40 years. Through her mentorship, you will meet your right partner FASTER than you ever could by yourself. Saving you enormous amounts of time, energy, and endless heartache.

Keywords: Catherine Laub, Patricia Fuqua, The Celestial Spoon, Your Turquoise Angel Guide, Mental Illness, Psychic Medium, Relationship Expert

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