"PIG BUSINESS" - Lady Tracy Worcester - Filmmaker & Champion of Animal Rights

2010 | 1:09:27 | People |

International Streaming Event: Four years ago, seasoned campaigner, eco-warrior and mother of three Tracy Worcester set out to discover who was paying the true price for the cheap imported pork for sale in Britain’s supermarkets. Documenting her investigation into intensive pig farming and the damaging impact it is having on the quality of our food, the environment, and the health and welfare of agricultural communities, True Stories: Pig Business follows the Marchioness as she infiltrates farms in Europe and America and confronts the biggest firm in the pig business. The film reveals that these huge meat factories overcrowd and mistreat the animals, put small farmers out of business, and pollute the water and air, endangering the health of local residents and consumers.

Keywords: pig, business, tracy, Worcester, Smithfield, foods, animal, cruelty, profit, campaigner, pollution, in discussion, david gibbons, animal cruelty, voiceamerica tv, voiceamerica radio

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