Pure Stock : Episode 02 - That Car is Fast

2013 | 22:04 | News & Blogs |

Episode 2 of Pure Stock, the newest division of stock car racing is for the absolute beginner. With a 4-cylinder junk car and a few hundred bucks, anyone can drive a racecar and win. It is the second week of the racing season.  DJ Werkmeister has a major crash and does not finish the race.  More main characters are introduced including Kris Koppers and Ryan Hoffman. Ryan has a large lead on DJ Werkmeister since DJ crashed and received no points for the race.  Kris Koppers wins his first race and a visit to his race garage shows off his car. The history behind Grundy County Speedway is explained and officials are introduced. Onto the next week of racing and DJ Werkmeister shows up with a new car and tries to get away with putting the new car and his old race car in the lineup for the races.    

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