Queen Asia Pacific 2016 Feat. Josh Moreland & Alston Koch Performances

2016 | 9:26 | eZWay Entrepretainment |

The 2016 Queen Of Asia-Pacific beauty pageant was held at the Saban Theatre on Oct. 16, 2016 in conjunction with the Arts 4 Peace Awards. This episode features 10 + contestants on stage all competing to win Miss Queen Of Asia-Pacific. This episode also features 2 amazing performances by award-winning pop singer Josh Moreland and pop king of Asia Alston Koch. Interviews by Kate Linder who holds a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame for the hit soap series Young and The Restless and Janice Stokes founder of the Film Advisory Board.

Keywords: EZWay TV, Eric Zuley, VoiceAmerica.tv, ARTS4PEACE, QAP, QueenOfAsiaPacific

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