Raising Confident, Fearless & Safe Teens

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Our special guest is Dara Connolly. She is a top-selling author and award winning speaker. Dara is on a mission to empower you to exude more confidence and have healthier relationships by setting clear boundaries. 

In this episode, Dara answers the following questions:

1. How can young people develop confidence?

2. How can you prevent toxic relationships in your life?

3. How can teens respond to bullies so they stop bullying?

Dara is also the mastermind behind the game, "Jerky Johnny" which is a game for middle school and high school students on how to protect themselves from assault and other dangerous situations. Available on Amazon.

Dara generously offers a FREE PDF of 10 Danger Signs taken from the "Jerky Johnny" game she developed. Knowing the danger signs is the first step with identifying potentially harmful people & dangerous scenarios.

Claim your FREE gift here: http://unstoppableteenspodcast.com/gifts/ 

Visit Dara's website: https://www.DaraConnolly.com

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